Shane Pearce

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Shane's been about a bit, and that's putting it mildly.

A former child, he's been in radio for almost twenty years which is mad considering he's still young af. His voice broke when he was a young teenager when he managed to blag his way in to landing his own radio show at his local station Kiss106 just outside Newry.

Since then he's worked in some big stations and small stations (and petrol stations) across the UK & Ireland including Citybeat and Blast106 here in Belfast, and has broadcast on stations in Europe and the USA. He's responsible for launching and relaunching some local radio stations in Belfast (Blast106), Manchester (Your FM), Blast Digital (Glasgow and Manchester) and more.

Some of his career highlights to date have been interviewing Brendan Rodgers in an actual broom cupboard for Northern Ireland Hospice, having a blazing row with Sean Kingston live on air on his breakfast show on Northern Sound in the Republic of Ireland, and having Hugo Duncan steal his sausage (careful now) during a festival gig in Warrenpoint.

Suppose we should also mention that he's responsible for launching Juice too - if you don't like the station, blame him.